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Why Fabric Buildings?

Fabric buildings offer clear advantages over other types of construction such as metal buildings, air-domes, and more.

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Fabric Buildings vs. Metal Buildings

Minimal foundation requirement saves you time in preparation, and saves you money.
Semi-Translucent panels (optional) allow natural lighting and save on utility costs.
Column-free design leads to more usable space, cutting costs even further.
Quick, inexpensive repairs. Should your fabric get damaged, we offer a roll of replacement fabric that simply sticks to your existing membrane, saving you hundreds or even thousands.
Rust Protection – Fabric structures’ outer membrane will not rust, therefore you’re protected from leaks that may arise due to rust.

Fabric Buildings vs. Air-Domes

Lower utility costs
More versatile design and attachment options
No fan maintenance
Better wind and snow-load design
No backup generators required
Fabristructure buildings are modular and can be expanded. Unlike an air-dome.

Fabric Buildings vs. Conventional Construction

Significantly less expensive
Significantly less preparation
Minimal Foundation Requirement
Significantly less install time
More versatile and easier to expand

Fabristructure buildings are used in many industries. They are used by governments, commercial businesses, military units, sports teams, event planners, churches and more. Call 866-794-2424 to learn how to put a Fabristructure building in use in your industry.