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What Is A Fabric Building?

Fabric buildings are an ideal solution when compared to conventional buildings.  There are many reasons why clear span fabric buildings have been chosen over conventional and steel buildings.  We’ll help you understand those reasons, but first: What is a fabric building? A clear span fabric building is primarily made of two materials: heavy-duty steel trussing, and a scientifically engineered fabric membrane that is used to cover the exterior of your structure.  

Design & Engineering

Fabristructure’s clear span buildings are designed for quick construction, yet engineered for permanent use.  The design is made up of a baseplate system, truss system, support purlins, and steel cabling. The base plate system can be attached to many various foundation types such as: dirt/gravel, asphalt, concrete piers, concrete walls, concrete slabs, jersey barriers, sea containers, and more.  Our trussing is made of only the highest grade material and built for strength that lasts.  The trussing system simply bolts together and attaches to the baseplate/foundation.  Support purlins are added between truss bays for support.  Cabling is then added to certain bays (based on engineering) to solidify the support and strength of the structure.

Fabric buildings are engineered for permanent usage for any application.  Whether your industry is sports, mining, aviation, industrial/manufacturing, warehousing, or religious/non-profit we have a building to meet your requirement.

Our Fabric Membrane

The covers used on Fabristructure’s buildings are manufactured from 12oz polyethylene fabric up to 24oz heavy duty fabric. This heavy-duty, polyethylene fabric is created using a layer of woven tapes and is then coated with a specialized, 4 mil protective layer that protects against UV damage. This two part make-up provides a cover with ultimate protection against scuffing and abrasion during every day use. Covers are manufactured specifically for your building based on your requirements and are available in a variety of colors.


Fabric Buildings vs. Alternatives

Fabric Wood Steel
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