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Fabric Buildings | T-Series

T-Series clear span fabric buildings from Fabristructure are pre-engineered as relocatable permanent or semi-permanent steel span structures that can be up to 150 feet in width with varying eave and peak heights. These clear span buildings have a gabled profile and feature a premium fabric membrane available in multiple colors and with a 10 year warranty. Available options include lightweight or hard walling, leg extensions, powder coated framing, and your choice of doors. Steel span structures are framed by hot-dipped galvanized steel trusses that are durable enough for hanging heavy conveyors and other rigging systems. Each individual section of a Fabristructure T-Series building is pre-engineered for easy installation and shipping. They fit on flatbed trailers or in standard shipping containers. Once on site individual sections are bolted together and Fabristructure’s proprietary tensioning system ensures that each building is quickly usable. When you need to relocate, you can take your steel span structure with you.


Fabric Airplane Hangars, Fabric Helicopter Hangars, Fabric Airport Maintenance Building: Our T-Series structures give you maximum clear span and eave height.  The steep slope allows for plenty of clearance to reduce the risk of damaging your airplane, helicopter, or any other type of aircraft you may manage.  The maximum clear span space will also protect your structure preventing accidental damage to the frame, or fabric membrane.

Fabric Mining Buildings,  Fabric Mining Processing Building, Fabric Mining Equipment Storage Building: As we understand your industry, mining can require rapid change, resulting in the need for rapid structure and shelter deployment.  Our T-Series structures are currently in use at mining locations around the world, and are capable of meeting all space and height requirements for your conveyors and processing equipment.  Whether you mine coal, oil, gold, or any other natural resource, a structure from Fabristructure can meet your specification.

Fabric Sports Facilities, Fabric Tennis Court Covering, Fabric Indoor Soccer Dome, Indoor Swimming Pool Covers: A fabric sports structure requires the maximum clear span space to accomodate your sport without disrupting the game.  We understand there’s nothing more frustrating than a stationary object disrupting the flow of your competition.  With our t-series structures, your space will be maximized and your overhead lights, HVAC, Gable Vents, Gable Fans, and other accessories are less likely to interfere with your recreational or competitive sport.

Bulk Storage Fabric Building, Clear Span Industrial Fabric Building: Does your manufacturing plant need a new facility, or need to expand operations to an additional facility, or temporary production location?  A T-Series structure from Fabristructure is the premier solution to fit your industrial need.  Our structures feature a heavy duty powder coated (or hot dipped galvanized) frame with a cross purlin support system.  This system allows for maximum support for any equipment that may need to be mounted directly to your structure.  Whether its lighting or a conveyor, our t-series structure is an all-in-one solution for your plant.

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  • Modular Design
  • Relocatable
  • Optional Gable Ends Available
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
  • Maximum Clear Span Space


  • Steel Frame
  • Width — 75'-150'
  • Length — Indefinite (12’, 16’, or 20’ modules)
  • 7,000 square feet can be shipped on a single flatbed trailer
  • Can be designed to meet or exceed local building codes for all seismic and wind load requirements.
  • Structure is engineered to shed snow, allowing it to be used in all geographic locations.
  • Multiple colors available
  • Leg extensions are available
  • Ideal for warehouse, sports, or industrial applications