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Covered Sports Buildings for Indoor Tennis or Soccer


Indoor Tennis, Indoor Soccer, Indoor Training, Indoor Gymnastics, Indoor Swimming, and more.

Whether you need temporary covered sports buildings or a permanent sporting structure, clear span fabric structures are an ideal  solution. Fabristructure covered sports buildings are safe, durable and of unsurpassed quality. Bring your outdoor sports inside with an attractive permanent sports dome. With clear span fabric structures you do not need to compromise spacing or lighting and can play warm weather sports all year.

Fabristructure’s unique design allows a column-free building of unlimited length with a maximum width of 197 feet so you can bring a wide-variety of sporting events inside, including football, soccer, track, tennis and much more. To minimize energy costs, sports domes from Fabristructure feature a translucent fabric roof which allows events to be held in natural light.


Clear span fabric sports buildings are capable of withstanding extreme winter weather conditions because Fabristructure makes them with hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated steel frames and coats them with a special premium fabric solution. Fans and athletes alike will appreciate a fabric dome that can be heated, air-conditioned, insulated or lined. Whatever the expected temperature outside, Fabristructure can manufacture a fabric dome those inside will feel comfortable in.


You can have a permanent or temporary sports dome from Fabristructure that adheres to local building codes for 30-percent less that a steel structure. With minimal foundation preparation, a sports dome from Fabristructure is installable on almost any surface-type. The versatility and functionality of clear span fabric structures makes them ideal for schools, universities, recreation departments and for special events. Aesthetically-pleasing clear lines ensure visual appeal whether you are expanding an existing structure or erecting a new one.

Fabristructure’s engineers will design the covered sports building that fits your budgetary and spatial needs without sacrificing quality. Your clear span fabric structure will meet all ASCE regulations. Fabristructure works with you from the beginning of the permit approval process to the end of the construction process. We can provide you with technical consultants or turnkey options for delivery, setup and removal of your sports dome.

Whether your sports dome is up for a few weeks or years, Fabristructure offers ongoing support and the highest quality buildings that meet your design criteria. If you are ready to bring your outdoor events into the comfort of an indoor sports dome, call 866-794-2424 to learn more about Fabristructure’s reputation for quality and your sports dome options.

Fabric sports buildings are an eco-friendly solution that will save you or your organization money and installation time. Don’t let the game suffer through months of construction, a fabric sports building from Fabristructure is your all-in-one solution for all-season sports.

Take a look at our A-Series Structures, or T-Series structures for your sports building today.


  • Modular Design
  • Relocatable
  • Optional Ends Available
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Options available for your needs
  • Quick Installation