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Recycling and Hazardous Material Storage Buildings


Modular prefab buildings offer ideal, cost-effective engineered fabric structures suitable for municipal and private recycling buildings. Fabristructure’s prefab buildings are engineered to withstand the heavy demands of the recycling industry and hazardous material storage.

The column-free design of Fabristructure’s modular prefab buildings allows a recycling operation to use the full space instead of having to place equipment around inconvenient columns. Engineered fabric structures can have a width of up to 197 feet and unlimited length. With modular sections coming in 10, 12, 16 and 20 foot options (varies based on series), the length is customizable enough to provide the perfect environmental shelter for your locale. Engineered fabric structures have either hot-dipped or heavy-duty aluminum truss frames and can easily hold the heavy machinery, riggings and conveyors necessary in the recycling industry. Specially designed gabled ends allow the large doors necessary for the recycling industry’s large vehicles.

Made with fire retardant material, Fabristructure’s tension fabric buildings are treated with a chemical solution to prevent the degradation common in traditional steel buildings, including degradation caused by acids and other chemicals. The solution also protects against damage from UV rays, making it ideal for hazardous material storage.


Fabristructure’s prefab modular buildings offer environmental solutions resistant to weather, mold and compression in either lightweight or hard-wall side options. The sound suppression of engineered fabric structure lessons a recycling operation’s impact on the local community. Fabristructure’s translucent roofing panel option allows natural lighting and saves on energy costs during daytime recycling operations. Fabristructure keeps a large selection of its modular buildings in stock, so you can be up and running within a few days of your order whether you need the building space for recycling, manufacturing, bulk storage or industrial storage use.


Fabristructure buildings can withstand wind, snow and seismic activity and offer environmental shelters whatever the conditions are in your locale. The Fabristructure brand means that you get a quality, clear span building capable of lasting for years despite heavy use. Because prefab modular buildings are installable on almost any surface with little foundation work you save time and money over traditional steel structures.

Fabristructure buildings meet or exceed standard local building and safety codes and ASCE regulations. Customizable options include climate control, lighting and security doors. With Fabristructure’s industrial-strength frames and top of the line membranes, your prefab modular building can withstand the toughest use and environments. Whether you need a permanent or semi-permanent building, Fabristructure has a cost-effective solution. If you need to relocate, you can take your building with you  either by flatbed or container shipping.

Whether your business needs are for recycling buildings, bulk storage, manufacturing, pavilions, sports domes or environmental shelters, Fabristructure can customize an affordable engineered fabric structure for you. Call 866-794-2424 today to learn even more about Fabristructure’s recycling buildings for your business.


  • Modular Design
  • Relocatable
  • Optional Ends Available
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Options available for your needs
  • Quick Installation