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Portable Clear Span Aircraft Hangar

Your commercial or personal aircraft is likely one of your greatest investments.  The last thing you’d like to happen is damage to your investments.  Fabristructure’s airplane hangars and helicopter hangars are the ideal solution to store, maintain, and protect your aircraft from the elements.  Clear span fabric hangars are ideal for many reasons including: portability, low cost, versatile options available, and quick deployability.

Personal Aircraft | Airplanes, Helicopters, or Gliders

Traveling via commercial airlines just isn’t ideal when you have a private plane available.  Commercial can often be slow-moving with delays, security, and long lines to wait in.  Your personal aircraft is a much more enjoyable experience when traveling, especially for important business trips or vacations.  There’s nothing more peaceful when traveling than arriving at your clear span fabric airplane hangar and be in the air within minutes, not hours.  There’s no wondering if your flight will be delayed causing unnecessary stress during your trip.  Fabristructure’s airplane hangars give you peace of mind that your personal aircraft is protected and safely stored.

Portable Aircraft Hangars

You may ask what “portable” means? After all, protecting an investment such as airplanes and helicopters requires security and stability.  Fabristructure’s hangars give you just that.  There are many options for securing the foundation of your hangar to the ground, but rest assured its safe and secure.  However, when you decide to move your aircraft to a new location, it can be dismantled in just a week or two and relocated to a new site via truck or sea container.  If you’d like to move your aircraft hangar on a more regular basis without dismantling, a system on wheels can be designed to move your hangar within feet.

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