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Relocatable Mining Enclosures and Mining Equipment Storage

Clear Span Fabric Enclosure

Fabric structures are an ideal solution for the oil field industry.  Whether the need arises for an oil field enclosure for equipment storage, oil well enclosures, or job site covers a fabric building enclosure is the most economical and eco-friendly solution.  Fabric structures offer plenty of clear span space that will allow your equipment to move in, out, and within with ease protecting your equipment as well as your structure. There’s nothing more frustrating than support beams you may find in the middle of a metal structure, or low ceiling height leaving you little room for safety. A fabric enclosure can offer widths up to 197′ wide and clear span widths over 55′ at the center.

Superior Climate Protection

There’s nothing more frustrating as a contractor or energy company than a work stoppage due to weather. We understand that your industry requires ultimate productivity when drilling or digging. A fabric oil field enclosure offers protection from the elements to keep your crew at work. Whether snow fall, or heavy rain and wind our structures are pre-engineered for your local jurisdiction and can handle the task of protecting your site. As weather wears on your equipment, especially in extreme conditions, a fabric building for your equipment storage can protect your lines from freezing and moving parts from rusting in the weather. We believe the investment of your structure can be fully recovered by the productivity and protection gained from your enclosure.

Oil Well Enclosures

Protect your pump system during the oil extraction process with a fabric structure. A fully enclosed structure can be vented and ideal for any oil well enclosure. A fully enclosed structure can also protect your well from vandalism or damage caused by direct access without protection. Semi-enclosed fabric buildings are also available should you choose that security isn’t a concern, but you would still prefer your structure be protected from weather elements and direct damage.

Consider Fabristructure for your oil field enclosure and oil well enclosure needs. Look at our C-Series, and T-Series structures for your requirement. Call us today at (866) 794-2424 or request a quote online.