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Military Applications


Fabristructure’s relocatable structures are the perfect choice for today’s military units that need to quickly set up fully operational structures all over the world. Heavy duty fabric structures provide an ideal solution for military hangars and other structures as they can be shipped all over the world on flatbeds or in containers. Fabristructure provides relocatable military structures that can easily be moved from one base of operations to another making them ideal for today’s military units.

With climate control, lighting, door and other options, fabric hoop buildings are ideal for a variety of military uses, including barracks, storage and repair buildings. A military hangar from Fabristructure features a choice of full-width or roll-up doors to meet the maneuverability demands of heavy aircraft, helicopters and other transport vehicles. Several security options are available to protect expensive military equipment, machinery and artillery from loss.

The unique modular design of fabric hoop buildings makes them customizable to suit any base of operations. Fabristructure offers relocatable structures up to 200 feet in width with an unlimited length. The column-free clear span design ensures that the entire space is usable. Military hangars can be even wider with Fabristructure’s super span hanger designs without compromising any functionality or portability.

Because fabric hoop buildings require minimal foundation preparation an experienced military unit can being constructing building space in one day on almost any surface, no long term foundation prep necessary. The premium fabric membrane provides protection from heavy snow, wind and rain ensuring that today’s military has quick, dry shelter where it is needed and when it is needed regardless of the soil and environmental conditions of the location. The specially treated membranes are mold, UV ray, chemical and acid resistent. Membrane damage does not compromise the structure’s soundness and can be quickly repaired on-site with spot-welding. Fabristructure buildings are perfect for supply and equipment storage, barracks, training simulations, dormitories, maintenance and repair facilities, aircraft and helicopter hangars, and many more relocatable military structures.


Fabristructure engineers can accommodate nearly any design request while ensuring that the most demanding safety requirements are met. With a reputation for the greatest quality and customer service responsiveness, Fabristructure is proud to offer the perfect solution for any relocatable military structure needs at lower cost than traditional steel buildings without sacrificing quality. Fabric hoop buildings are ready for delivery and installation within just a few short weeks of any order.

Fabristructure military buildings are warrantied and designed to withstand the most demanding military applications and climate conditions with a flame-retardant fabric, galvanized steel or heavy-duty aluminum framing, and Fabristructure’s proprietary tensioning system. A choice of membrane colors reduces the visibility of military hangars and relocatable military structures in a variety of geographic locations. With heavy-duty trusses suitable for equipment, rigging and conveyor suspension, Fabristructure’s fabric hoop buildings offer military personnel reliable performance and durability.


  • Military Training Facilities
  • Aviation Equipment Storage
  • Weapons Storage
  • Barracks
  • Simulations
  • Meeting space and office space
  • Military Recreation
  • Military Hospital Shelters

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  • Modular Design
  • Relocatable
  • Optional Ends Available
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Options available for your needs
  • Quick Installation