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Engineered Tents | Maxspan


Fabristructure’s Maxspan series is the choice for large aluminum fabric covered buildings and engineered tents. These structures are perfect for temporary uses, but can be engineered for permanent or semi-permanent use as well, which makes them usable in virtually all locations. Maxspan structures are among the quickest to deploy and install for your requirement.  Holding a large party?  Do you own an event facility?  Fabristructure’s fabric covered buildings are expandable at any time and relocatable so when your needs change you do not lose your initial investment. Call today about getting your own Maxspan engineered tents made of premium fabric membrane and backed by the Fabristructure brand.



Fabric Sports Domes (Fabric Sports Arenas):  Due to the low profile aluminum tube trussing frame, the Maxspan clear-span engineered tents are an ideal solution for your indoor soccer building, indoor tennis facility, indoor basketball courts, football practice fields, youth sports facilities, or much more.  These structures have been used by some of the world’s premier sports organizations to include NFL and English Premier League (Football, American Soccer).

Fabric Helicopter Hangars,  Fabric Airplane Hangars, Fabric Aircraft Maintenance Building: Maxspan aluminum fabric tension buildings from Fabristructure offer plenty of clear span space for your aircraft storage or aircraft maintenance needs.  The aluminum tube trussing frame allows the maximum interior space for your fabric building, thus yielding more clear span storage space vs steel buildings.  Our airplane hangars can be engineered and modified to meet most local jurisdiction codes or snow and wind load requirements.

Fabric Event Buildings, Fabric Temporary Event Buildings, Fabric Trade Show Buildings: Our aluminum series Maxspan structures are the most esthetically pleasing available for your event or trade show building.  The installation is fast, and the final product is one you will be proud to showcase to your clients, or guests.  You’ve likely seen an aluminum fabric building at a local concert, amphitheater, or major sporting event.  Due to the lightweight frame design, A-Series Maxspan structures can be engineered to mount on top of existing structures (engineering required), or even on dirt with little to no foundation required.


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Width — 60'-120'
  • Length — Indefinite
  • 7,000 square feet can be shipped on a single flatbed trailer
  • Can be designed to meet or exceed local building codes for all seismic and wind load requirements.
  • Structure can be engineered to shed snow, allowing it to be used in all geographic locations.
  • Multiple colors available
  • Ideal for warehouse, sports, events, or industrial applications


  • Modular Design
  • Relocatable
  • Optional Ends Available
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Options available for your needs
  • Quick Installation