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Add Clear Span Manufacturing or Warehousing Space in 12 Weeks!


Whether you need a temporary structure or permanent building, industrial clear span buildings from Fabristructure are a cost-effective solution. Fabristructure’s tension fabric buildings are durable enough to withstand extreme weather and suitable for everything from industrial clear span storage buildings to manufacturing facilities. Fabristructure’s buildings are fully customizable to fit your needs and come pre-engineered for quick installation on almost any surface.

With a tension fabric building from Fabristructure, you can design your building to suit your unique needs unencumbered by the support beams of traditional buildings. You can have a bulk storage building completely free of any beams getting in the way of your machinery. You can create a work-flow pattern that suits your needs and eliminates the inefficiency of working around beams. Fabristructure’s clear span technology is modular so you can construct any length of building that you need. Modules come in 10, 12, 16 and 20 foot lengths (varies based on series). With a width up to 200 feet, Fabristructure’s tension fabric buildings are fully customizable to the perfect size for you. At a fraction of the cost of traditional buildings, a clear span building can be equipped with freight, glass and steel doors. Lighting, climate control and enhanced foundations are also available options.


Fabristructure offers a choice of eave and peak heights for just the right height for your industrial clear span storage building. You can choose from various fabric weights (fees apply). A choice of colors ensures that your clear span building fits its aesthetic environment. The Fabristructure brand ensures that your tension fabric building has a hot-dipped galvanized steel truss frame (fee applies – powder coating standard) pre-engineered with high-grade steel durable enough to support hanging conveyor systems or other hanging rigging. Fabristructure’s membrane is flame retardant and all buildings meet or exceed standard building codes.

Fabristructure carefully analyzes the conditions at your building site to customize a clear span building that is appropriate for your foundation, soil and climate. You get a fully customized tension fabric building capable of withstanding any precipitation, wind or seismic activity traditional in your region. To keep you on time and on budget, Fabristructure offers container and flat-bed shipping options. Clear  span buildings are ready to install with a turnkey installation option or by having Fabristructure’s technical experts coordinate with any local labor you want to use.

Because Fabristructure knows that your business needs might change, tension fabric buildings can expand thanks to their modular design. So if you need a larger bulk storage building, you do not have to get an entirely new structure. You can even use a tension fabric building to expand an existing traditional building. If your business moves, your can move your Fabristructure building with it.

A 15-year warranty guarantees that your clear span tension fabric building from Fabristructure will last, even with extreme climate conditions and rugged industrial use. Whether you are on a budget or have a challenging work site, Fabristructure can design the perfect building for your needs.

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  • Modular Design
  • Relocatable
  • Optional Ends Available
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Options available for your needs
  • Quick Installation