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Fabric Buildings | Clearspan Rigid Frame

Fabristructure offers an array of clearspan fabric building designs to suit your application.  For heavy duty and large span building requirements we recommend our rigid frame series.  Conventional fabric buildings are constructed with a steel truss framing system, however Fabristructure has worked with our team of engineers and manufacturers to produce a heavy duty solution using steel I-beam construction.  Each rigid frame fabric building is designed to meet the specific needs of your project.  Whether you’re constructing a large airplane hangar, or an indoor sports facility, our clearspan building will provide a perfect solution.

The rigid frame system of our fabric buildings offers ultimate strength as well as the ability to span larger widths, while retaining the amazing benefits of a traditional fabric building.

Fabric Buildings are Illuminated by Natural Daylight:

Fabristructure’s clear span buildings with fabric membrane allow natural light to enter the structure offering complete illumination during daylight hours.  This benefit will save significant utility costs over the lifetime of ownership.

Fabric Buildings Are Low Maintenance:

Our buildings are extremely low maintenance, generally only requiring basic fabric tension checks and cable inspections on a regular basis.  The natural light illumination also eliminates the dark corners of traditional construction in which maintenance issues generally arise.

Fabric Buildings Are Constructed Quickly:

Fabristructure’s rigid frame building system can be constructed in weeks, not months!  Conventional construction can take months or years to complete, while Fabristructure can have your investment put to work in weeks.


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