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Transportable Buildings to Give Your Event an Indoor Appeal


Event tents and pavilions need to be functional and adaptable for multiple uses and an engineered fabric shelter from Fabristructure offers a semi-mobile and aesthetically pleasing solution that fulfills those needs. They are the perfect choice for temporary and permanent structures to hold your events and they can be relocated between event locations.

Whatever your design requirements, a modular fabric structure can meet them with peaked, arched or domed options.  When you are ready to move the event, take your event pavilion with you and have it up in the next city and ready for use with minimal foundation preparation and delays.

Fabristructure’s multiple options, including climate controls, insulation, translucent roofing, canopies, and partially-domed stages, let you design the perfect structure for your concert, or performance. The column-free interior allows you to design the floor plan to suit the needs of your requirement. With a maximum width of 200 feet and an unlimited length, your event tent or pavilion can be as large or small as you need. The 10, 12, 16, and 20 feet module lengths offer plenty of flexibility to grow and expand.

Fabristructure has a reputation for the highest quality modulated fabric structures made of premium flame-retardant membranes and heavy-duty or galvanized hot-dipped steel. You can feel confident hanging your expensive multimedia equipment from the strong trusses of a Fabristructure event pavilion. These durable engineered fabric structures are suitable for use in the harshest climates. Because they can stand up to the heaviest snow, strongest winds and even seismic activity, you can take your modular fabric structure with your wherever you are holding your event.

Fabristructure specifically engineers its modular fabric structures to meet the toughest safety requirements so you do not need to worry about local codes ruining your scheduled event. If you are on a tight schedule, Fabristructure has the ability to get your trade-show tent or concert pavilion delivered and installed within weeks (not months) of placing your order.

Fabristructure has options for all event needs and works with you as your needs change. A modular fabric structure can be a free-standing building or an expansion of another building. The modular design allows you to expand your space as needed. If you just need an event tent or pavilion for a short time, Fabristructure has leasing options available. Call Fabristructure today to learn about the best options for your event.

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  • Modular Design
  • Relocatable
  • Optional Ends Available
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Options available for your needs
  • Quick Installation