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Tensioned Buildings For Any Use

A tensioned building is the most practical building solution on the market today.  Fabristructure’s clear span buildings are used in various industries all around the globe, from aviation and aircraft hangars, covered soccer buildings, church sanctuaries, and event pavilions, to salt storage buildings, agricultural storage buildings, and recycling buildings used by local governments.

What makes a fabric tensioned building so popular?

  1. Fabric buildings are more affordable than alternative buildings. A clear span building from Fabristructure costs less to construct, but it also costs less to maintain over a lifetime of ownership.  In fact, due to the translucency nature of our fabric covers, and their reflective nature our buildings require less lighting fixtures.  Less lighting fixtures result in reduced utility costs.
  2. Tensioned buildings are better for the environment (eco-friendly).  Our buildings are made of 100% recyclable material that utilize less utility power to heat, cool, and light.
  3. Fabric structures are delivered in significantly less time than conventional or steel buildings, and are constructed rapidly.  Fabristructure’s clear span buildings are manufactured in just 4-8 weeks, and delivered quickly.  Once you receive your fabric building, our team can construct your building in just 1-4 weeks (varies based on size).  In many cases, from the date you order your structure, its fully functional in 90 days or less.  Your investment is put to immediate use and yields return much faster.

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