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Church Buildings | Temporary Sanctuary and Permanent Assembly Space


Large congregations need space and Fabristructure’s church and sanctuary fabric buildings offer affordable, pleasing to the eye options for sanctuary space large enough to accommodate worship, study, and youth program  rooms. With clear span fabric structures, churches can focus on growing their community without worrying about changing locations. With an average cost of 30 percent less than steel buildings, pre-engineered fabric structures offer affordable solutions for growing church congregations in a down economy. If your church is ready for a new sanctuary or family-life center, a custom fabric building is the economical choice to make it happen.

Within a matter of weeks, your new permanent sanctuary or event tent can be delivered and installed on almost any surface. The pre-engineered fabric structures feature a safe, flame-retardant membrane and are installable with minimal foundation preparation by Fabristructure’s professionals or your own local contractor. Fabristructure works with church leaders as much as necessary to obtain the proper permits, prepare the site and complete construction. If you would rather use local contractors, technical consultants and project managers stand-by to assist to ensure that your temporary sanctuary or permanent sanctuary building is on schedule and on budget.


Fabristructure’s custom fabric church buildings are made of the highest quality fabric membranes and your choice of galvanized steel or heavy-duty aluminum frames. The durable frames can support hanging church decorations and multimedia equipment. The fabric membranes are engineered to withstand the harshest wind and weather conditions. Clear span fabric structures can be peaked, arched or hooped. With up to 197 feet of column free width, churches can design an interior to meet their own seating needs with unobstructed views for all worshippers.

Custom fabric church buildings can be insulated and climate-controlled, making them comfortable places for your worship services throughout the year. Fabristructure ensures a high-quality sanctuary that meets all of your local safety and building regulations. To further decrease costs, churches can opt for Fabristructure’s translucent roofing fabric that allows natural sunlight that not only maximizes energy efficiency, but also presents unique opportunities for praise and worship.


With years of experience in the church construction industry, we understand you cannot afford downtime in your worship facilities.  Often while you’re tied up with years of conventional construction, you need a place for temporary worship facilities.  A clear span fabric structure is an idea solution for your church, synagogue, or place of worship.  With the ability to rapidly install a fabric building, your new and temporary worship facility will be up and running within just a few short weeks, not months, or years.

Our temporary or even permanent worship facilities offer all the amenities required to make your worship space comfortable.  Everything from HVAC to Insulation, Lighting to Doors can be installed right in your fabric structure.  Consider the cost-effective, eco-friendly solution to your worship facility needs, whether it’s worship space,  event pavilion, or sporting center (family life center).

Whether you need an event tent or a permanent sanctuary, Fabristructure engineers can design a custom fabric building for your church’s needs. Call 866-794-2424 today to learn how to get your clear span fabric structure quickly and affordably.

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  • Modular Design
  • Relocatable
  • Optional Ends Available
  • Eco-Friendly Solution
  • Cost Effective
  • Options available for your needs
  • Quick Installation