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Clear Span Storage Buildings

Do you need a storage building?  Fabristructure is a leading supplier of clear span storage buildings to fit almost any need! Whether you need to cover salt stockpiles from weather elements, or storage for your business needs, Fabristructure has a solution to fit your needs.  Lets take a look at a few benefits of clear span storage buildings:

  1. Rapid Installation – Our fabric buildings can be manufactured and installed within weeks of your order, not months or years.
  2. Low Cost of Ownership – Fabric buildings cost less than traditional structures to maintain, heat, cool, and light.  They’re a “green” solution for storage.
  3. Clear Span Design – Fabristructure’s buildings are 100% clear span (no support poles in the center of your building) offering you unobstructed use of every square foot in your building.

Fabristructure offers a full solution package to meet the needs of your business.  We will walk you through each step of your process to ensure a successful completion.  To get started, contact our team today at (866) 794-2424 or Get A Quote online.

Three Benefits of Enclosed Sports Buildings

Are you considering an enclosure for your sports organization?  A clear span fabric building from Fabristructure is the most ideal solution on the market today.  Whether you’re a major university looking to enclose a practice field for your athletics division, or a local municipality looking to enclose a tennis court for year-round use, a Fabristructure building is likely the solution you’re looking for.  Lets take a look at a few of the benefits:

  1. Natural Light Benefits: A clear span fabric structure features a steel or aluminum frame (varies by model) enclosed by a high quality fabric membrane that allows natural light to illuminate your structure throughout the daylight hours.  The fabric membrane is also reflective in nature, so it will also require less lighting fixtures to illuminate your enclosed sports building during the evening hours as well. This results in significant utility cost savings annually when compared to a traditional or steel structure.
  2. Rapid Installation: A sports building by Fabristructure doesn’t take months or years to manufacture and construct.  In fact, our structures are typically manufactured in 6-8 weeks, and constructed in as little as 2-3 weeks.  This varies based on size, however, upon an investment into a sports enclosure, your ROI begins in just a few months, not years.
  3. Low Cost Foundations: A benefit to fabric building owners is the significant cost savings that can be achieved during construction.  A large savings factor is the foundation options available, that simply aren’t options for any other type of structure.  Depending on size, a fabric building can be constructed directly into dirt, gravel, asphalt, and more.  Fabristructure even offers a base rail system foundation that is installed on any surface and secured to the ground using earth anchors.

Interested in hearing a few more benefits? Speak with a member of our team today at (866) 794-2424 or simply Get A Quote online!

Aircraft Maintenance Facility on Shipping Containers

Fabristructure recently completed a project for a client in the aviation reconditioning industry, in which a standard “off the shelf” product was not the optimal solution.  As creative problem solvers, our design team went to work, creating a solution offering a foundation system made of shipping (sea) containers.  This solution provided many benefits to our client, such as:

  • Added structure height to allow extra clearance for the aircraft, without requiring custom legs.
  • Additional storage within the shipping containers.
  • A flexible foundation option without requiring a poured concrete.

Fabric buildings are an ideal solution for clearspan aircraft hangars.  They offer plenty of clear span space, yet provide a low cost, low maintenance solution.  To speak with our sales team regarding your aircraft maintenance needs, call us at (866) 794-2424 or Get A Quote online.

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